Make efforts to make customers feel a small happiness.

We use great ingredients and Japanese sake which producers nationwide have grown and made with extraordinary efforts.

We go to the place of those suppliers to feel their dedication, leaning the process,
climate and soil where our ingredients have been grown and made, and we actually take part in the process.

Now with a sign of confusion is the time for us to reflect such efforts and what we learned,
through foods, into people, foods and every corners of our life to survive.

In this new age, we consider that providing such considerate foods and delivering our passion is our greatest mission.



Welcome to Tamaya

When we go to a fireworks display,
we go with our precious people (family, sweethearts or friends).

Our customers come to our restaurant for the first time
in various situations like offering meals to clients.
Hoping to make such customers want to bring their precious people here next time,
we’re making every efforts to make our restaurant a comfortable place, to create pleasant and happy atmosphere and to teach our employees the spirit of hospitality.

Eating and drinking with your precious people
creates cheerful atmosphere.
Listening to your drinking companions to grumble or complain
brings you down. And we don’t enjoy working in such atmosphere either.

If you spend time with people who are positive,
respecting, thanking and loving each other,
you won’t get bored or tiresome.

We’ll continue our efforts so that anyone, if once dine in our restaurant
will surely choose us to spend great times with their precious people.
We care about local people, elderly people, friends and family
and help them to share happy time
with their loved ones
by serving delicious foods and drinks.

In the hope that you’ll get a supreme feeling at our restaurant
just like when you watch a fireworks display

We are looking forward to your coming to our restaurant.

Yakitori-no Tamaya

Yakitori-no TamayaTACHIKAWA

To savor

Our Yakitori restaurant, a traditional old house, is located at a distance from the north exit of Tachikawa Station, along a Tachikawa street, which are always crowed with local people and office workers. Hoping that customers enjoy really delicious Yakitori, we’re doing our best away from the limelight. Please enjoy our foods and drinks at the counter seats we recommend with confidence.

Counter seat: 14, Table seat: 12



【Yakitori×Japanese wine】
Modern space equipped with a private room

Our Yakitori restaurant has a modern atmosphere and expansive feeling because of open kitchen with strong presence among Yakitori lovers in Tachikawa. Rich collection of Japanese wine are available. For a date, business talks with customers, or family event, we have private rooms. Or please feel free to come and enjoy foods alone with a glass of wine at the counter seat.

Counter seat: 10, Table seat: 30 and two private rooms (each 20 seats in capacity)

Tamaya Kichijoji

Tamaya KichijojiKICHIJOJI

【Open terrace】
Yakitori pub for adults

A 4-minute walk from Kichijoji Station. It is located at the side of the Kichijoji Theater. We provide Yakitori and various Japanese-style creative cuisine with our motto “Japanese spirits combined with Western learning.“ Sake, Shochu and Japanese wine are available. Please come with your family, friends and use our store for welcome/send-off party. There is a terrace seats, if you want to feel a refreshing breeze while dining.

Counter seat: 16, Table seat: 20 and a table at the terrace (about 10 seats)



Origin and history of Chanbara

What is destiny? It is not what a legend brought us, but What we explore with our own swords.

The Great King who governed the region covering Middle East to West Asia.

Gordian knot. Restraints in our personal relation.

And if we look up “Chanbara gokko”(make-believe sword fighting game for kids)
Its note says that no win/lose result is sought after in this game.
It’s a “let’s pretend” game where anyone can be a hero.
Shortage of materials used to be replaced by players’ fantasy and imagination.
It says.

Every one of our employees will become a hero.
If each continues efforts every day.
Bright future with fantasy and imagination.
Let’s explore with our own hands.

Be serious, but keeping kids’ fantasy and imagination in mind.

In the hope that.




Working with Tamaya means learning more about foods.

For the past 7 years since the opening of our first shop, we’ve made efforts earnestly to create an ideal Yakitori restaurant.

We are still on our way to reach our goal. We are on a roll right now.

We are planning to open another store, depending on the recruitment status of employees.

Let’s enjoy life with us!

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