Recruitment Guidance

While working with Chanbara
What we want you to consider.
What we want you to pursue.
What we value most.

Make efforts to raise your sensitivity.
Let go of the past and the future (not bound by the past or the future)
Work in order to get the flexible thinking.
Invest for your learning, education, experience and (spend money)
Be considerate toward others and what others have in their background.
Live the simple life, buy only what you really need.
Always tidy your room.
Work hard and live a simple life.
Realize your worries and have courage to live with it.
Don’t blame others, try to improve your environment instead.
Accept other' advice, and consider it, but be not affected too much.
Cherish your family and give priority to your family.

We plan to increase our members whose chord was struck by the above mentioned.

Employment information

Regular employee A: Inexperienced person: start with 235,000 yen per month (During trial period: 200,000 yen for 2 months)
B: Experienced person with 5 years or more at restaurant: Start with 250,000-280,000yen per month (During trial period: 230,000-250,000 yen for 2 months)
C: Apprentice (18-20 years olds) Start with 175,000 yen per month (During trial period: 150,000 yen for 2 months)
D: Special female staff 180,000-200,000yen per month (Actual working hours : 8 hours, 5 days a week)
 *We intend to increase female staff
E: To be assigned to a shop manager after 2 years
 depending on the experience at the previous working place and ability
 Start as a deputy shop manager with 300,000 yen per month for the 1st year
 Become the shop manager from the 2nd year with 330,000-400,000 yen per month
Others: Noodle chef, Soba noodle chef, Japanese restaurant chef, Yakitori chef, Chinese restaurant chef
Always recruiting based on new shop opening plan (Practical cooking test will be held)
Semi-regular staff Hourly pay: 950-1,100yen
Chief of part timers: 1,200 yen or more per hour
(Example: 5 days or more per week for the period of at least 2 years or more as a hall staff, cooking staff or preparation staff at more than three Yakitori section)
*Possible appointment of nonpermanent workers as full-time permanent workers
*Active employment of foreign workers
Semi-regular or part timers for preparation jobs only 950-1,000 yen per hour (2 months of training required)
Preparation work behind the scene, Housewives are welcome
Example) working hours 8:00~11:30 or 14:00~17:00
*3-5 days of work per week are required
*Active employment of foreign workers
Working hours 9:00~24:00 (In a shift system, work early or work late)
(Working hours for women are decreased year by year depending on the number of years you worked. Working hours for a female staff with 5 years or more experience are 8 hours)
Working place Tachikawa or Kichijoji
Store Yakitori-no Tamaya 042-512-7490
Tamaya KITCHEN 042-595-7847
Tamaya Kichijoji 0422-27-6165
Holidays 7 days a month (8 days for female staff)
Summer holidays: 3 days, End of year and new year holidays: 5 days, Holidays for congratulations and condolences (Wedding holidays: 3 days, Honeymoon holidays: 5 days and others)
Supporting system for an employee to become independent or to franchise For those employees who have worked 5 years or more.
Starting from 2020, outsourcing or FC system will be introduced (for those employees who have worked at our shop for 7 years or more.)
Inquiry Please contact us by calling the store.
(For inquiries, please avoid the time after 18:00.)

Yakitori-no Tamaya


Tamaya Kichijoji

Company benefits

Allowance Family allowance: 10,000 yen per a child (Employees are qualified from the 2nd year)
(Gift money for child birth: 10,000 yen for the first baby, 30,000 yen for the second and 50,000 yen for the third)
Child-care allowance: (To be introduced from March, 2017)
Shop manager allowance: depending on the store scale
Master chef allowance: Given for recipe development, proposal, creation of manual, management of kitchen
Bonus Twice a year (equivalent to half the monthly pay each)
(Possible increase depending on the ability and results)
(Bonus will be paid from the second year)
Visiting sites of producers who supply us materials in groups Several times a year (Details are posted on “learning” of our site)
All the traveling expenses are paid by the company
Visit restaurants nationwide which are doing good business Several times a year
Insurance Social insurance applied (Employment insurance, Industrial accident compensation insurance, Employees’ Pension insurance, health insurance and long-term care insurance)
Employee discount 20-40% (Family discount: 20%, Employee discount: 30%, Partner discount: 40%)
Medical examination Once a year